Asthma Transfer Factor Testimonials

My daughter suffered from serious sinus problems and asthma. Having provided the genes for her condition ( I too am asthmatic) I have felts pangs of guilt knowing that all my training could not stop the common cold virus from rendering Leena helplessly gasping for air a few hours after each infection. Her mother (a pediatric nurse) and I tried every prescription and alternative therapy known, without success. Helplessly we would stand by the bedside offering repeated breathing therapy with slow if any progress. In the local Children's hospital we agonized, like any parents, over each breath our little girl took. In our home viruses can mean colds and "colds always mean asthma!" With the onset of one particularly virulent head cold, we tried transfer factors, a product I felt, theoretically, might work. After several doses we couldn't believe how quickly our daughter's condition improved. Now taking transfer factors before a bad cold, she remains well. Thanks to transfer factors we regained a normal child. Now we all use transfer factors regularly and are enjoying the best health we have ever had. Thank you Transfer Factor. Ranya L. Alexander, Ph.D, M.D.

ASTHMA I am a lorry driver for more than 10 years. I always had asthma attack. I cannot eat ice cream, drink cold water and beer. My boss introduced me to Transfer Factor. I started taking 2 capsules 2 times a day. After two weeks my asthma attack was gone. I feel healthy and well now. Thank you 4Life. Mani, Port Dickson.

ASTHMA With terrible asthma since age 7, I began 4Life™ Transfer Factor™ 2 1/2 weeks ago and I've gone from 20 medications & inhalers, to one pill and one inhaler. Transfer Factor really works wonders for my immune system. Darlene J.

ASTHMA My son Ryan has asthma. He was on three inhalers per day. After 9 days on Transfer Factor, he stopped using his inhalers. We took him to the Doctor and learned that his lung function had returned to normal. He has not touched an inhaler since July of 98. The balancing effect that Transfer Factor has on the immune system is amazing. Kevin O.

ASTHMA An 8 year old girl saw such a dramatic improvement after only 2-3 weeks on TF, that later let her mum said her daughter recovered from asthma. TG/TW, Malaysia.

ASTHMA I want to tell you the wonderful news about TF and how it has gradually gotten rid of my Asthma. I can now live a healthier life than before and enjoy running around with my daughter without Asthma being so heavy on my chest. Many thanks Alex, New Zealand.

ASTHMA & ALLERGIES I have suffered from a severe asthma and allergy condition. I used an inhaler twice a day. I was literally miserable. After taking Transfer Factor for a month to help balance my immune system, I have improved a lot. I now use the inhaler less than half as much and wake up without the swollen eyes and congestion. Justin P.

ASTHMA Our 10 and 6 year old, and myself, have had ongoing asthma and were on Flixotide and Ventolin. When we started taking TF we all stopped taking Flixotide - the preventative and just treated the asthma with Ventolin as required. We have all consistently improved with my 10 year old and me only requiring the occasional Ventolin. My 6 year old still requires Ventolin twice daily, but is not as wheezy as she was, even when on Flixotide.

ASTHMA My son Joshua suffers from asthma and sinusitis. He has been on Ventolin and Flexotide and has had many sleepless nights with coughing and wheezing. We were able to get him completely off the medications within a month of commencing TF 4Kids. His sinuses have been cleared. During the month of Jan I have run out of TF 4Kids and he had become asthmatic again and had to go back on his medication. As soon as I got him back on the product his asthma symptoms stopped. I highly recommend this product. Linette, New Zealand.

ASTHMA I have had asthma since I was seven years old. In July I have a severe bout with bronchitis which turned into an acute asthma attack. I was put on 20 medications. After receiving my TF, I took 6/day for the first week and drastically dropped my medications. I am now taking only one medication and using one inhaler. I am totally free of steroids