The History of Transfer Factor

In 1949, Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence discovered that when you transfer blood to another person, some of the donor’s immunity is transferred to the receiving person. From this discovery, research began its journey through the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Scientists believed they had found that ultimate immune system and health enhancer. They believed that transfer factors would be the ultimate natural medicine.

As technology increased, more and more was learned about the benefits of transfer factors. More than 3000 studies were conducted and $40 million (USA) was invested into research. Scientists from more than 60 countries were involved in this research. Two developments stopped this progress. First was the development of antibiotics. Antibiotics were inexpensive to manufacture. They were effective. Antibiotics took the show.

Another development was the contamination of the world’s blood supply by HIV and hepatitis C virus. Up until this time, the only known source of transfer factors was derived from blood. Research stopped in its tracks.

In 1986, two hog scientists discovered that mothers passed down their transfer factors to their babies through the placenta and colostrum in order to give the baby’s immune system a chance to survive a hostile environment of
pathogens. These scientists found the cows did the same thing. Often calves will not survive if for some reason they do not receive the colostrum from the mother. Research began to move forward again. Antibiotics still reigned as king in the medical world. Many scientists that worked with transfer factors derived from blood didn’t think transfer factors from colostrum would work, so they didn’t enter the research.

Three events in history changed all of this. First, technology advanced. Secondly, germs began to become resistant to antibiotics. Third, 4Life Research created a large consumer base from which they derived a great
deal of information about how transfer factors affected the health and immune systems of more than a million customers. Now research is exploding!

Every year and sometimes every month, something new is discovered about the effectiveness and roles of transfer factors. 4Life Research was the first to bring a line of transfer factor products to the market that contained transfer factors from cow colostrum. Next, their in-house scientists discovered that eggs contained transfer factors and the combination of the two increases their effectiveness by 185%.

Transfer factors from colostrum and eggs were found to be actually superior to transfer factors from humans because animals are exposed to many more species of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Animals live in the wild while humans try to keep sterile. Animal transfer factors have hundreds of years of more exposure creating a more functional transfer factor.

With our current knowledge of the major downside of antibiotics and super bugs, it is ushering in an era that is in need of the natural safe alternative we have that actual help our own immune system become as efficient as possible instead of harming our bodies and creating superbugs!

Transfer Factor Can Benefit Your Health In Almost Any Health Condition

Transfer Factor is an amazing product that can benefit every person, especially anyone who has any type of health condition!

Its main action works as 
offering the body one of the best natural alternatives for preventative health.  

Immune modulation is important in common ailments today such as allergic and auto immune system problems including rhematoid arthritis, allergies, eczema, psoriasis, asthma, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, type 1 diabetes etc. People with these types of disorders have immune systems that are Th2 activated. This means they over-respond to toxins, allergens, normal bacteria, etc. and under-respond to viruses, yeast, cancer, intracellular bacteria and other things the immune system should respond more vigorously too. 

Transfer Factor Modulates the immune system and brings the Th2 immune response back into balance with the Th1 response (which is the primary attack response) and helps eliminate the immune disorder!

And Transfer Factor helps your body recognize and eliminate bacteria, viruses and other pathogens faster and more efficiently reducing the amount of times you get sick and the severity of it. 

And it can even transfer specific immunity!  Meaning it can give you specific antibodies to give you immunity to specific diseases!

As you may know, ensuring our immune system at its optimal effectiveness is the single most important action we can take to protect our health and regain control of our health care because no other body system can function properly without a functioning immune system.

Our immune system is our FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE against illness and disease.

Transfer factor molecules form the core of your immune system's intelligence. Unlike vitamins, minerals, or herbs that simply add nutrients, these molecules actually transfer immune memory, knowledge, and wisdom. The result is a strong and healthy immune system that knows exactly what to do, when to
do it, and how to get it done quickly.

Transfer Factor is not a vitamin, mineral, herb, drug, hormone or colostrums. It's a unique class on its own. Transfer Factor has gone through over 50 years of research resulting in more than 3,000 scientific research studies from independent parties certifying that Transfer Factor is SAFE AND EFFECTIVE. Transfer Factor has ZERO TOXICITY level



 Transfer Factor Testimonials

Transfer Factor has many amazing testimonials.  Like myself, many more have discovered tremendous benefits from transfer factor!

My Testimonial (link to others at the end)

I was just a customer for over 10 years just enjoying the health benefits of Transfer Factor and life circumstances led to my decision to become a representative with the company.

Here is how my life journey led to Discovering Transfer Factor and 4Life.

My journey begins by telling of my childhood and unfortunate experience of many childhood iillnesses.  I suffered eczema, allergies and many many ear infections and strep infections.  I was constantly sick with something 

One year, when I was in 4th grade, I had what was pretty much a constant strep infection.  I was on new antibiotics every month and nothing seemed to help since the following few weeks would lead back to the doctor offices and a new round of meds.  I finally ended with a strep infection in my kidneys that almost killed me.   

It was always one thing after the next and I always seemed to catch everything including the odd ones like bells palsy where 1/2 your face gets paralysed.

As I grew a little older, I got to the point where I was never well.  Around Middle school/Jr. High I was constantly fatigued and struggled to keep up with everyday life.  Every time I went to the doctor to complain about the way I felt, I was told it was probably viral and to rest more.......which for someone who already was sleeping sometimes 20 hours a day, this advice was far from helpful. 

Eventually, I was so tired, my muscles ached, my glands seemed to be constantly swollen, I woke up daily feeling stiff and achy, like I had been hit by a truck at night, I had trouble concentrating (brain fog), I was bothered
by certain smells, food and couldnt stand the cold, had horrible cramps with my period, IBS, and jaw/tmj problems.

I was eventually, Finally, diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, but at that time, at Mayo Clinic with the best doctors, the best they could do was tell me to excercise more!  Now, I  in Jr. high and high school, despite my condition I did participate in sports so their advice was absolutely pointless to me!

I lived with my condition and it slowly grew worse until my last year in college,
I was so sick and so stiff and sore that it was hard to even walk!  I could barely make it up and down stairs and had to take mobility vans to get around campus some days since it was so painful.  I had a hard time keeping up and went to the doctor again thinking there had to be something I could do.  

After another round of myraids of tests, I was just confirmed that all my symptoms were from my Fibromyalgia and CFS and I was written prescriptions for different drugs including muslce relaxers, anti-depressants, riddelin, and something to raise blood pressure, and was given information to
apply for Social Security Disability......I was 21 and not ready to give up on life!!  I left the prescriptions on the doctors desk, went home and cried!

It was then that I decided to switch gears in education and study nutrition, immunology and alternative health because I was sure there had to be a better way!  I wanted true health, NOT to be drugged up and on disability my whole life suffering in pain!

I spent the next years studying many natural health things and trying various things on myself.  Slowly over the years I kept finding more pieces to
the puzzle until I found myself living pain free and healthy!  Health is a Beautiful thing and I am so glad I persevered!  A healthy lifestyle is worth it since your health determines a large portion of the quality of your life! 

Diet Changes, "Superfoods", Chiropractor, Transfer Factor, Additional Supplements, Addressing gut and digestion issues, Nutrition, etc. were a BIG part of getting me healthy and now Transfer Factor, diet/nutrition, and chiropractor play a Big role in Keeping my Healthiest!  I am happy to talk to anyone in more depth about my story and answer any questions you may have

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Transfer Factor Research

Transfer Factor has more than 3000 studies done showing its effectiveness.  Every year and sometimes every month, something new is discovered about the effectiveness and roles of transfer factors. Learn more about the research behind Transfer Factor.


And there are many many more studies through the medical journals if you want as I did!  This stuff is amazing!


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