Transfer Factor anti-body response as effective as that induced by Vaccines!

Transfer factor is an all natural substance that works by "teaching" your own immune system to identify infectious agents that attack your body every day.

Rob Robertson, MD - "Transfer factors are tiny protein molecules that are produced by immune cells called T-cells. It allow the immune system to remember conditions for which immunity has already been established. When a person has been infected, for example, with chicken pox in childhood, their body develops a memory of that illness, and prevents the person from becoming re-infected with it later in life. In the future, the specific immune transfer factor molecule for chicken pox will endow the immune system with the exact ‘blueprint’ of what chicken pox looks like, and the body will be able to quickly recognize and respond to any possible re-infection.

Many of these transfer factors - or "immune memory molecules," were introduced to us from our mother’s milk or colostrum, which is the richest source of concentrated transfer factors known to scientists. Transfer factors in colostrum have the sole purpose of transferring immunity from the mother to the baby’s immature immune system.

All mammals produce transfer factor, but scientists prefer to work with chicken and normal bovine colostrum. A healthy cow already produces millions of different transfer factors, but when the cow comes into contact with a pathogen such as a virus, it produces a new transfer factor for that specific virus or pathogen. For individuals challenged by specific pathogens – such as those suffering with chronic illnesses like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, supplementation with the appropriate transfer factor molecule may provide the ‘missing link,’ thereby allowing the immune system to target and destroy the offending pathogen, and mitigate the symptoms of the disease."

This is exciting news!  Especially since vaccine saftey is questioned and shows strong evidence as being harmful.

Transfer Factor would be a 100% Safe, Non-Toxic, Natural Alternative to help give us the immune protection we need!

Transfer Factor has been shown to be effective and we need to push for further studies and research into this and support this amazing company that has been the forefront leader at bringing Transfer Factor to the World....and we can all help play a role by making it a part of our lives and help educate others!!  We can help bring about about a safe vaccine alternative.

A wonderful vaccine alternative would be transfer factor taken on a regular basis for strong immune health and in the case of a pandemic outbreak, more specific transfer factor can be developed more quickly than a vaccine and works just as (if not more) effectively than the vaccines with no dangerous or toxic side effects!

Independent Study Results

Independent laboratory tests clearly indicate that 4Life's Transfer Factor shows significant transfer factor activity equal to the effectiveness of the standard vaccine.
The biological and chemical testing laboratory, BioLogics Inc. states the following regarding 4Life's Transfer Factor: "BioLogics Inc. has completed testing the preparations of bovine colostrum you sent for evaluation for TF (transfer factor) activity. Each preparation was evaluated for TF activity using a mouse foot- pad assay which measures delayed-type hypersensitivity (DTH).

The results are shown below. A preparation was considered active if it induced significant DTH (p<0.005 or better) as compared to the response to [an] antigen in control mice which were naive (not treated with TF)."

Preparation tested Transfer Factor Presence Transfer Factor Active

Vaccinated Controls
Mice injected with standard
antigen vaccine
0.01>P>0.001 YES (P<0.01) Very Active

Colostrum Fraction 
Normally fractionated colostrum 0.20>P>0.10 NO (P>0.10) Failed

4Life Transfer Factor™
Patented extract of colostrum 0.01>P>0.001 YES (P<0.01) Very Active

"Further, it is critical to understand that a proper transfer factor assay includes both a zero-point standard and a high-end standard (to set the span of the scale.)
The zero-point standard accounts for the nutritional value of the transfer factor preparation and is represented by the fractionated colostrum listed in the second row above. A vaccinated control is the GOLD STANDARD for establishing the high-end of the immunological scale as represented in the first row.

As was clearly shown, 4Life's Transfer Factor was not only measurably more potent than the normal colostrum of the second row, it was equal to the vaccine standard in causing a strong immune response," stated Dr. Hennen. 

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