Acne and Face Skin Issues Transfer Factor Testimonials

Acne  My Personal Acne Testimonial after starting Transfer Factor for other health reasons is a "sid effect" I was not even looking for....clear radiant skin.   When I started on Transfer Factor I noticed my acne clear up and I had a glow to my skin that I hadnt seen since childhood.   I take the RioVida daily and use the Transfer Factor Enummi lotion or sometimes the Renewal.

ACNE & BLEMISHES Acne and blemishes have been a constant problem for me for two hyears. My gums are also always beeding. I used to apply T3 oil for my acne problem. 2 months ago, I started taking Transfer Factor Advanced and applying RenewAll on my face as well as using Transfer Factor Toothpaste. I take 1 capsule of Transfer Factor Advanced a day. Now I no longer suffer from acne, my blemishes have reduced and my skin is much clearer. I feel healthier and more confident. Transfer Factor really works!
Elaine Sim Yi Ling, 20 years old, Female, Lukut, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

ACNE For five years I was on antibiotics for a severe case of acne. I still broke out about 20%. After 6 weeks on Transfer Factor™ my acne completely cleared up. My dermatologist asked me to bring him some information on whatever I was taking. Marsha S.

HOLE IN FACE I have some major health concerns and I wondered how I would know when and actually if transfer factors were kicking in. It didn't take long. The day my first order from this company came, I had a "shoot me" of a cold blossoming. The thing is my colds always turn in to bronchitis. I was really prepared for the initial feat. I started the transfer factors and three days later, every cough and sniffle was absolutely gone and I was totally amazed. The other thing that happened was, I had a hole in my face, and now, I know this sounds strange, but it's the best way I can describe what a cosmetologist did to my cheek, 23 years ago. About every two weeks, I would have to do my ritual cleaning and poking around so the spot wouldn't get infected. It was actually a 5mm hole. Well, about two weeks ago I got all of my stuff together getting ready for my ritual and I got my magnifying mirror and know what, that hole was gone. This is after twenty-three years. That hole was gone! You know, I always was one who caught every bug coming down the tide. I realize now that it wasn't that I was born under some sort of a cloud. Now I see and now I know it was because my immune system just never had the "umph" to protect me effectively. Now, this is the first time I am really hopeful that one day I am going to be able to say that my long standing health issues are finally dissolved. And until then, I'm going to tell the rest of the world about 4Life and transfer factors. Rebecca N.