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I put this site together out of deep passion for True health!  You can read my story of past health struggles and using natural remedies for my fibromyalgia, allergies, etc. in the testimonies link and how I spent years learning about natural health remedies and how my health went from hardly being able to walk to radiant health!

Your foundation for Radiant health begins with a Healthy Diet, Transfer Factor, a good quality Vitamin, Probiotics, and natural non-toxic care products for your home and body!  Keeping your immune system strong and your body free of toxins are the most important things you can do for your health and these things accomplish that.

Good Nutrition and avoidance of toxins is more important than most realize.  What you eat and what your exposed to affects your whole body and for those that have children, during pregnancy it can actually affect your offsprings genetics and your grandchildrens genetics!!  It is that important!  Now is the time to educate yourself.

  Transfer Factor For Radiant Health


Transfer Factor is an amazing product that can benefit every person, especially anyone who has any type of health condition!

Its main action works as 
offering the body one of the best natural alternatives for preventative health.  

Immune modulation is important in common ailments today such as allergic and auto immune system problems including rhematoid arthritis, allergies, eczema, psoriasis, asthma, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, type 1 diabetes etc. People with these types of disorders have immune systems that are Th2 hyper-activated.. 

Transfer Factor Modulates the immune system and brings the Th2 immune response back into balance with the Th1 response (which is the primary attack response) and helps eliminate the immune disorder!

And Transfer Factor helps your body recognize and eliminate bacteria, viruses and other pathogens faster and more efficiently reducing the amount of times you get sick and the severity of it. 

And it can even transfer specific immunity!  Meaning it can give you specific antibodies to give you immunity to specific diseases!

As you may know, ensuring our immune system at its optimal effectiveness is the single most important action we can take to protect our health and regain control of our health care because no other body system can function properly without a functioning immune system.

Our immune system is our FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE against illness and disease.

Transfer factor molecules form the core of your immune system's intelligence. Unlike vitamins, minerals, or herbs that simply add nutrients, these molecules actually transfer immune memory, knowledge, and wisdom. The result is a strong and healthy immune system that knows exactly what to do, when to
do it, and how to get it done quickly.

Transfer Factor is not a vitamin, mineral, herb, drug, hormone or colostrums. It's a unique class on its own. Transfer Factor has gone through over 50 years of research resulting in more than 3,000 scientific research studies from independent parties certifying that Transfer Factor is SAFE AND EFFECTIVE. Transfer Factor has ZERO TOXICITY level.

4Life Transfer Factor™ & Transfer Factor Plus™
Unprecedented Immune Boosting Ability
Tests from The Institute of Longevity Medicine by Darryl See, M.D.

Above chart shows comparison of transfer factor to other known immune modulators including Nutrient (196 products compared)
A. Noni (Morinda citrifolia)
B. Aloe Vera Concentrate (acemannan)
C. Endocrine System Formula
D. Phytonutrient Formula with Garlic
E. Bovine Colostrum
F. Cordyceps Formula
G. Shiitake Mushroom
H. Echinacea
I.  Plant Polysaccharide Formula
J.  IP6 highest of group previously tested

K.  4Life Transfer Factor™
L.  4Life Transfer Factor Plus™

Results showed Transfer Factor is over 500% more powerful than any other immune modulating substance known.

Transfer Factor is Well Endorsed and Works!!!

1) 15 transfer factor products are listed in the Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) 2008:

*PDR has been published for over 57 years, and has been recognized as an unbiased reference for physicians to research and recommend drugs and supplements in the United States.

2) Approved to be used nationwide by the Russian Ministry of Health on 31st July, 2004:

After clinical studies on the effects of TF on cancer, HIV, hepatitis, allergy
and more, the Russian Ministry of Health released a 32-page report Methodological Letter to hospitals and doctors encouraging the use of Transfer Factor and Transfer Factor Plus.
    Quote from the Russian Ministry of Health "We have never tested a nutritional product with such an outstanding effect on an individual's overall health. Transfer Factor Advanced Formula activated NK cell activity more than the Interleukin-2 (IL2) drug we used as the standard."

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