Dr. David Markowitz, M.D 

"I have now completed a retrospective study comparing children in our practice who did not use transfer factors; during the same period. 87 children, age 8 months through 9 years, used transfer factors;. We found 74% less reported illness and 84% less reported use of antibiotics. In approximately 250 patient months of kids on transfer factor only one has returned for antibiotics, and that was after 2-1/2 months. I had been seeing him in my office every 2 weeks prior to using transfer factors.

Over 50 years of scientific research supports the use of transfer factors in human beings, with medical studies using transfer factors (TF) currently being completed around the world in many centers. With virtually no side effects, immune supplementation with transfer factors has resulted in clear improvement in levels of wellness in hundreds of our general pediatric population, with over 600 patients aged birth to 18 showing 75% less illness and over 80% less antibiotic use compared to non-users. 

Children with specific and more serious health challenges also showed improved quality of life and wellness when their immune systems were supported with Transfer Factor. This extra-ordinary history of success in improved health through supplementation in my medical practice, and recognizing the potential impact of transfer factors on human health in general, led me to a decision to leave pediatrics to share this impressive immune support line with as many people and communities as possible.

It is a decision that fulfills my original life and professional purpose of encouraging health and wellness and disease prevention and having a meaningful impact on the lives of “little” and “big” people everywhere. Imagine for a second, all of humanity filled with strong, healthy, balanced immune systems,  effectively fighting the overwhelming number of health challenges we face today, many of which are caused by infectious agents (bacteria and viruses) and by an abnormal, harmful inflammatory response in the body. That is NOT an impossible imaginary dream: not with the immune supplementation of transfer factors.  

EVERYONE in the World needs immune support and balancing - and these products have the capability of achieving that goal. Imagine again a world with significantly reduced heart disease, malignancy, infectious disease, auto-immune disease, allergy, and asthma; all because of people having strong, healthy immune systems. Imagine the improved quality of life, the reduced struggles and stress of dis-ease, the dramatic impact on health care costs, hospitalizations, insurance costs and on the consequent stresses associated therewithin"

David M. Markowitz is an M.D. trained in General Pediatrics and Pediatric cancer. He left a full-time medical practice after 29 years to share a vision of a healthier world, and to teach about the importance of a strong and healthy immune system and its impact on you the individual, your community and your world.

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