Alkaline Anti-Oxidant Water

This is the healthiest water you can drink and since your body is comprised of mostly water, it makes sense that drinking would benefit your health so much.  Until Recently you needed a couple thousand dollar machine to get the benefits of this water.  But not anymore. You can easily make this glacial pure anti-oxidant water at home for a very low cost with Water Warrior Beads.  These Beads Make as much Alkaline water as you drink and last for years.

Water Warriors produce a super-hydrating, and far superior moisturizer compared to common water. The water will enhance your nutrient absorption as wells as toxin elimination, and therefore improve your health. Treating your water with Water Warriors improves the oxidation-reduction potential of your water, acting as an anti-oxidant – it will reduce the effect of damaging free radicals in your body. Water Warriors raises the pH of your water to help you normalize the pH of your body and combat acidosis.

Water Warriors also lower the surface tension of your water, improving its solvent capacity so that it may carry off toxins more effectively and deliver nutrients at an improved rate.

And because of the unique purifying properties of Warrior Alkaline Water, every time Water Warriors go down the drain, water restoration in the area begins. We can help clean the waters on Earth;
one person, one septic tank, one sewer system, one river or lake at a time.

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